Something in the Wine by Jae

somethinginthewineOkay, this is the first book I read on my kindle. I’ve decided to use it mostly for lesbian romances but that may change over time. I’ve also already put some classics on there – for once I get them for zilch, for another I really do need Pride and Prejudice in every readable format available (the power of Jane Austen).

But let’s look at Something in the Wine:

Annie Prideaux has finally had enough of her brother’s practical jokes after he sets her up with his friend Drew – a woman and a lesbian. While Drew Corbin is as nice as they get, Annie is straight. The two women plot their revenge on Jake but get caught up in their own scheme: as they try to convince him that they’re falling in love, they slowly do and this unleashes a lot of deeply-buried emotions in Annie that finally burst to the surface. Because nothing is ever as easy as falling in love.

After having read Second Nature by the same author, this is certainly a more traditional lesbian romance. I like the premise and it actually made me think about how I would do it. That is never a bad thing, it’s only a little frustrating that you didn’t have the idea and won’t be able to write it.

What I really like about Jae’s writing is that she gives her characters time to develop their relationship, be it through friendship or attraction. Friendships play a big role and I find that important, in life as in reading material. The same goes for family and I like how Jae builds the relationships within Annie’s family and how they have affected Annie her whole life, how they have also stunted her.

There is a lot of detail in the story-telling, a lot of character development. I usually find characters more important than plot points but, of course, things are still happening. Watching a presumably heterosexual woman fall for another woman is certainly not new in this genre but I like how Jae handles it, the turmoil, the insecurities, the denial. Maybe there’s a little too much of the latter for me but all coming-outs are different and maybe I simply had an easier time admitting to myself that I liked women.

As with Second Nature, there’s a lot of descriptive text and we usually get inside into both Annie and Drew’s feelings, often on the same scene. I still feel like she overdoes it a little on that front but as it’s all well-written and comprehensible it doesn’t hem the reading.

Something in the Wine is a solid romance, though I guess there should be a word of warning for those of us who like their romance on the erotic side: there’s no sex happening. There might be some of that in the short story Seduction for Beginners (it certainly sounds like it) which is a sequel to Something in the Wine. I haven’t read that yet but will probably check it out – and so should you if you liked this one.


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